Dear Guests,
We stay at the disposal of our Guests here at HOTEL Pallone and offer the very best of our knowledge to create an ideal milieu for their relaxation. We would like to help you with the following list of information, so that you can your time with us without any worries. All our guests are subject to our Hotel Policy and we kindly ask you to please read it, understand it and adhere to it.


Our reception stays at the disposal of our Guests 0/24 from 1 June to 31 August.
You can check in your room on the day of your arrival from 2:00 pm and we kindly ask you to
check out on the day of your departure until 10:00 am.
The booked rooms are reserved until 8:00 pm. We kindly ask you to please give us a notice if
you plan to arrive later.
Only one key may be given for a room. We suggest you leave the key at the reception,
because if you lose it, we charge an additional fee of 5000 HUF.
The hotel check-in form must be filled in with valid data in order to be able to determine the
correct amount of tourist tax.
The amount of tourist tax / resort fee / is 530 HUF per person per night in 2022 that is to be
paid above the age of 18. The room prices do not include the tourist tax.
We have a free, unguarded parking lot for our guests.
Our hotel provides a free Wi-Fi access for the guests available in all our rooms.
The buffet breakfast is included in our room prices. Breakfast is served between 08:00 am-
10:00 am.
You can request a dinner in advance and on the spot. The dinner consists of a fixed 3-course
warm menu at Giorgi Pizzeria and Restaurant located a couple of minutes away by car.
Our halfboard service starts with a dinner on the day of your arrival and it ends with a
breakfast on the day of your departure.
For the high season we cannot accept any reservations for only 1 night in advance. We can
decide on the 1-night requests only depending on the current occupancy about which you
may get information 1-2 weeks before the date of arrival. In case of reservations for 1 night,
we kindly ask you to please settle the accommodation fee upon your arrival.
Baby beds and bath tubs are available for children. Please make your request in advance
when booking your room. High chairs are available for children at the restaurant. The baby
food you brought with you can be heated both at the reception and in the restaurant.

Only those guests can stay at the hotel rooms, who have already registered upon arrival.
Visitors can be greeted in the hall.
Accessories located in the hotel rooms and in the hotel may not be taken away from the
hotel premises.
Hotel devices must be used in accordance with their intended use.
Following departure, we check all rooms. The guest is liable for any damage or impairment
discovered after departure.
In case of any damage the person who caused the damage or their representative must pay a
compensation for the damage.
No noise between 10:00 pm and 06:00 am.
OUR HOTEL IS A NON-SMOKING FACILITY! No smoking in the building or on the room
terraces! Smoking is allowed only at the designated places outside the hotel building.
No drinking is allowed under the age of 18 on hotel premises.
No pets are allowed in our hotel. Thanks for your kind understanding.

An electronic surveillance system is operated in the public areas of our hotel in order to
ensure proper protection of private property and security.
We can only take responsibility for your valuables if they are stored in the free safe located
behind our reception.
The terrace door must be closed IN EACH CASE when leaving your room and we kindly ask
you to please makes sure to close your room door as well.
Lost and found objects must be handed over to the reception. All our dear guests must comply with our fire and safety rules.
The person causing the damage or their representative is liable to pay a compensation for all
damages occurring due to the unjustifiable use of manually operated call points.
The storage of flammable or combustible materials as well as the operation of any coffee
machines, water heaters, irons or any other electric devices brought from home is strictly
forbidden in the hotel room.
Please indicate your request for ironing at the reception, we will gladly provide you with the
proper device.
Please get to know more about our fire and safety rules and read the emergency route signs
located at the back of your room door.

Please mind the separating lines when parking.
No parking is allowed in front of the main entrance for safety reasons.
In case you have any remarks related to our hotel and services, please do not hesitate to
share them with us immediately so that we can make your stay hassle-free. Thank you so
much for your cooperation and we hope that we can soon welcome as our guest!

The staff of HOTEL Pallone wishes you a very pleasant stay!