Your reservation is finalized following the confirmation sent by the reception (or following the payment of the defined deposit within 8 days). The deposit may be sent via bank transfer or by cash, bank card or SZÉP card advance payment at the location.
The remaining sum shall be settled by cash, bank card or SZÉP card (OTP, MKB, K&H) at the location.
We cannot return any payments or deposits transferred by SZÉP cards and they can only be used to pay for hotel services (in case of cancellation in the given year).
The resort fee cannot be paid by SZÉP card. The hotel accepts the following currencies: Hungarian Forint (HUF) and Euro (EUR).
In case on non-payment of deposit, the guests are not exempt from the conditions of cancellation.
No cancellation without penalty is possible following the payment of deposit. In case of cancellation  the deposit functions as a penalty, which can still be used as a payment for accommodation in the given year.
In case of night reduction, cancellation or non-arrival the whole amount of the reservation shall function as a penalty.

Our bank account no.: 11748069-20034106-00000000


GENERAL PENALTY CONDITIONS: No penalty, i.e. 0 HUF, is to be paid until the 31 st day preceding arrival,

but 25% of the ordered services until 30-15 days preceding arrival,

50% of the ordered services until 14-8 days preceding arrival,

75% of the ordered services until 7-2 days preceding arrival

and 100% of the ordered services until 48 hours preceding arrival must be paid for.

(Should there be any conditions of cancellation other than the above, we will exclusively call your attention to them.)